All month we’re covering some of the scariest movies you can watch at home or out and about in the Treasure Valley.

Today, we delve into Fox's remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Last week I told you about a screening of the original Rocky Horror at Humpin' Hannah's. Now it's time to tackle the new version.

Fox's updated version more or less follows the plot of the original while taking some creative liberties. Laverne Cox (from "Orange Is The New Black") plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and you'll recognize Christina Milian (Magenta) Adam Lambert (Eddie) Victoria Justice (Janet) and Tim Curry returning this time as The Criminologist.

Early reviews have been mixed, but odds are if you're a fan of the original you'll find something to like here.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" airs tonight at 8pm on Fox.