If you're not waiting on the new iPhone 6s or Macbook, who cares!  If you DO own Apple products then you'll notice the red numbered icon hovering around your preferences.  NEW updates for both the iPhone and Mac just came out.  We have them here!







I think Apple should start a new campaign called, "Members Only".  I can only imagine history dating back to the first iPod or iPhone with customer's names and the years they purchased those items.

Kekeluv, member since the origination of the cool ear bud commercials!

The wait is over for another update and today Apple drops a few upgrades for your Mac/iPhone.  Multiple windows for multi-taskers, force touch display, better picture quality, editing enhancements and the most noticeable, the name.

"OS X El Capitan"


Click through and enjoy!  Just remember, with every update is a glitch!  My phone is already lagging behind today!  Hopefully it's just getting used to its new clothes!