And you thought that Farmers Only was a super specific dating site?  It ain't got nothin' on!

Michelle Heart can pick on me all she wants for believe that a UFO really did crash in Roswell and that Area 51 holds some serious secrets about life existing beyond this planet, but I'm clearly not the only one that believes that!

If you grew up with your grandpa listening to AM radio, you may have heard a show called Coast to Coast come on late at night after gramps fell asleep.  The show's host, George Noory, is fascinated by the paranormal. Ghosts? Aliens? UFOs? Conspiracy theories?  They're all fair game on Coast to Coast.  George says that after talking to people all over the country and seeing how many millions of people use dating services, Paranormal Date was inevitable.  People who are into that stuff tell him "I can't find someone who understands."

So George has launched the new, FREE dating site to help people meet others like them, and maybe even date them.  If you're thinking this site is a hoax, we met George when he stopped at our sister station last year.  He's a cool dude, little weird, but we're pretty sure it's legit!

Just a warning...this maybe the type of people you meet on  UFO Phil is one of George's biggest fans and we're pretty sure he's still single.