Welcome Jess and Crystin to Summer Splash #3 live from Roaring Springs! They aren't the only ones who win. Ashley is landing for The Voice plus $1000, Jamie Olson is leaving for Wango Tango this weekend and the list goes on. Want to me next?

103.5 Kissfm's Secret Sound was huge with cash payouts up $3000 and trips to The Voice, Wango Tango Tango and more. Winners! Winners! Winners! We are without a doubt the most contested and vacation destination radio station in Idaho. That being said, I thought we might say thanks and highlight some of our new winners for Summer Splash #3 contest.

Congratulations to Jess and Crystin. They both just won for the first time and will be attending our Summer Splash party at Roaring Springs on June 12th.










Jamie Olson Winner for Secret Sound Footage

The next three weeks will be all about Summer Splash #3 at Roaring Springs. This is our annual invite ONLY party and everyone wins something. We unveil the $10,000 in cash/prizes Thursday morning with Cruise&Box. Phone number to win is 208.384.1035 and a second way to win with Friends with Benefits.

  • Cruise&Box 6am, 7am and 8am
  • Michelle Heart 11am
  • Kekeluv 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm
  • Mijo 7pm