As far as embarrassing celebrity stories go, the latest from Nick Jonas is a pretty good one. Equal parts mortifying and entertaining, Jonas recounted the time the after-effects of a weed lollipop lasted longer than he thought they would and wound up giving him an unexpected boner at an awards show.

Jonas launched into the story during Monday night’s (June 13) episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where he admitted he’d never told the story before “for good reason, probably.”

Maintaining he doesn't usually accepts weed lollipops from acquaintances, Jonas admits he did take his friend's wife up on the offer after celebrating the release of his then-single.

“I went to bed feeling fine," he said. "I woke up the next day and everything’s in slow motion. I’m like, ‘Oh no, this is happening, this is real.’ Because I had to be up for the Young Hollywood Awards, presenting at the Young Hollywood Awards.”

Jonas continued, saying he went back to bed in an attempt to sleep it off, but when he woke up again he started hearing voices while taking a shower. Thankfully, his girlfriend helped him through it and he set off for the Young Hollywood Awards -- where disaster hit once more.

“I’m feeling better and then out of no where, I get a NARB…Look, all men get a NARB from time to time. A NARB is a 'non-apparent reason boner.’"

Jonas was forced to hold his hands in front of his crotch while walking the red carpet, and host Jimmy Fallon dutifully provided photo evidence from the night in question of the "Jealous" singer doing exactly that.

Check out the video above to see Nick Jonas explain away his "non-apparent reason boner."

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