Nighttime during Live For 175, so I've learned, it a whole different animal.  We have groups coming and going at hours that I'd never even imagine of waking up at. We have individuals swinging by before an early morning of work.  I've met so many awesome people at NIGHT alone and I wanted to highlight some of the awesome humans I met tonight!

Freedom Fitness from Kuna came out Monday night and not only did they have great song requests but they brought the party vibes!  We had a ton of fun and I might have tricked them into some really sour candy...

We also rode for Mandi Smith, someone who came out year after year to cycle during Live for 175.  We lost Mandi last June, but I had the honor of meeting her during last years event and through my early months here on 103.5 KISS FM.  The love was overflowing and the shirts in honor of her were amazing.

I'll keep you posted each day on some of the highlights from the nights before because when most people are sleeping, Live For 175 continues to go on and I'm blessed to be graced by your nighttime visits!