The day is here! Still one of the voters on the fence over who you should vote for for President?  This quiz helps make the decision easier!

This comprehensive "I Side With" quiz asks your stance on various issues including social, environmental, economic, domestic, health care, electoral, criminal, foreign policy, education, immigration and science.

I took this quiz before the presidential primary/caucus this spring and it told me that most of my views leaned republican.  It told me Trump was my guy.  HOWEVER, to show how much they've kept the quiz updated with each candidate's stance on certain issues and adding more issues to the quiz every day...I took it again last week and said I align more with Hillary now.

I'm still undecided over who (or if) I'll cast my presidential vote for this afternoon, but now I feel way more informed when I head to the polls.

BTW...when I say if, I do plan on voting regardless if I pick a presidential candidate this year.  There's tons of other issues on the ballot like the Greater Boise Auditorium, College of Western Idaho, Boise School District, US Congress seats and more.  Your votes on those issues CAN and WILL make a difference!

Polls are open till 8 p.m. this evening.