This has been something Chris and I have talked about but today we wanted to find out if Chris' focus challenges stemmed from ADD or ADHD. We gave him this test to see what the results were. 

Attention Deficit Disorder: (noun). Any of a range of behavioral disorders occurring primarily in children, including such symptoms as poor concentration, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Chris is one of those people who has about a billion ideas but putting them into action is a struggle if there's anyone else around or something is making noise. He just can't find his focus. That, along with a list of other things led me to ask if he had ADD.



My son, who will be 8 years old on Wednesday has ADD and it's been about a year of us trying to figure out what's best for him and how to help him gain control of his focus and do better in school, be able to follow through with tasks and just have less of a challenge with everything on a daily basis. We have found a great solution for us and I'm hoping Chris can find his solution.

I am not a doctor. Shocking, right? I am not diagnosing Chris with anything, here, just giving him a test that will lead him to wanting to know more from an actual doctor. It's a starting point, if you will.

If you've ever been curious, click on the link to the test below and quiz yourself. There are 18 questions.


Having ADD or ADHD isn't something to be ashamed of and there's no reason why you should be the slightest bit ashamed. In so many cases, once you figure out that you aren't the only one and can find what will help you combat your challenges, life gets a lot more hopeful.



Celebrities who have ADD/ADHD are: Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Adam Levine and Solange Knowles.