Every city or state has their things that make them most proud. I lived in Alaska and it's definitely the Salmon and the SIZE that will blow your mind. Check out Bambi and looks where she's sitting.

I'm sure there is a list of things in each city that have residents most excited about living there. I lived in Seattle and people are proud of their green culture and the fish market.

I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for my first managing job and host for the first hip-hop radio station. That's right, it was me! Quick sidenote: NEVER run up to a Moose and pet it. You WILL die. Just a heads up. Also, if you come face to face with a bear. DON'T run. This is a photo of a glacier I shot and it was a bad camera. I think you get the point though.


That brings us to Boise, Idaho. The Treasure Valley is exactly that to most of it's residents, a treasure. I've lived in Boise for the last ten years and have loved every minute of it. The seasons are what makes this place so attractive to me. You get hot temperatures in the Summer, snow in the Winter, and never much rain. The mountains are laced with vibrant green and the people living her are just nice.

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The most exciting parts are what's to come I believe. These will also become the unpopular parts for local residents who grew up in Idaho. This place is growing and that's not exactly what people want her. I would agree, but the growth is inevitable and people are flocking to Boise because of it's affordability. There are so many things to see from the ONLY blue turf in college football at Boise State University.

That's a quick overview to the main attraction. Here's what you can ALSO see on the daily in Boise right out our window at 103.5 Kissfm.