What song to you really choose for a wedding? You have to set a tone choosing very wisely considering your significant other will have to agree. This is a very delicate issue, but I think we nailed it. Check out our top 10 and songs we walked down the aisle to.

The music was something that Paige probably got extremely frustrated with me on because we have the same taste. Music defines who we are and that's why at some point our wedding DJ, Chris Cruise played several Mariah Carey and All 4 One songs in which I was like, "HOLD UP!" You have to choose the music that you both relate to and this is one of those times where age has no limits. Some of us are moved by blues, hip-hop, classical, country or a mix of the classics with a splash of Taylor Swift.

Do you have some favorite songs that you played at your wedding, heard or even a disastrous song? TELL ME ABOUT IT! kekeluv@gmail.com

Regardless, choose wisely and have fun! Here're just a few of the songs we chose to remember our wedding by.

Walk Down The Aisle Song: Spencer Combs featuring Holley Maher - You Are Mine.

Song Played Immediately after Vows/Kiss: Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)


First Dance Song: Van Morrison - Someone Like You

1. Bruno Mars - Marry You

2. Al Green - Let's Stay Together

3. Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

4. David Gray - This Year's Love

5. Amy Winehouse - Valerie

6. Nat King Cole - L-O-V-E

7. Robin Thicke - Lost Without You

8. Ray LaMontagne - You're The Best Thing

9. Sade - By Your Side

10. Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up

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