This past weekend I got to hang out with Outdoor Toy Share, a brand new company based out of Boise. What they are doing isn't necessarily a new idea but the idea behind it is refreshing. If you are familiar with the idea of peer to peer rentals, this is what they do, similar to Airbnb. The idea is if you cant afford a boat, you are able to rent one for the day or how ever long you need it. So in essence you go to their website book a boat for you wake boarding weekend and you test with them that you can captain the boat and boom, You get the boat!!!!! This is the same company who is giving us the boat for July 4th.

I had the please of hanging out with them this past weekend and learn a little more about them and see some of their boats. I definitely am going to check them out because I know I can't afford a boat but I can rent one with some friends. Take a look at the fun we had and see some of their boats. Check out their Facebook as well.