This will probably be the single coolest thing you've ever seen on the Boise Greenbelt! 

When I moved to Boise six years ago, I didn't know anyone beside Kekeluv, Lucky Tha DJ and Nathan Fast.  So once work was done for the day, I'd go home and have no idea what to do with myself.  At that time I "used to be a runner." I'd done some pretty severe damage to a ligament in my ankle during track season of my freshman year of college and decided to quit running completely.  I'd given it three years to heal and I lived right by Municipal Park so I figured I'd give the running thing a try again. Not that I was surprised, but I caught the bug again and ended up training for my first half marathon.  During my training, I was logging miles on a social network for runners called Daily Mile where I met Christie, one of the race directors for Final Kick Events.  She was a mom of five with an incredible running/weight loss story and Final Kick Events wasn't created just yet.  A few years later she and her husband, Wayne put on their own 5K in their neighborhood and the racing company was born. Today, they have at least one race a month including the Shamrock Shuffle and Idaho Wine Run.

Their newest race for 2016? The Ho Ho Ho Hustle! It's a 5K/10K/Half Marathon at Julia Davis Park where every single participant gets a Santa suit (complete with hat, coat, belt and beard) to run in, plus a way cool medal just for finishing! At the time I'm writing this there's over 600 people signed up for the race and are scheduled to run down the Greenbelt starting from Julia Davis Park next Sunday, December 18th at 1:00 p.m!

It's seriously going to be the coolest thing you've ever seen! Normally I leave to visit with family in Ohio on the Thursday before Christmas (and run the holiday themed 5K near my college) but this year I actually pushed back my vacation to run in this Boise race instead! I really hope to see you there.

In fact, do you want to walk or run the race with me?! Our Friends with Benefits have a chance to win their way into the Ho Ho Ho Hustle.  Get yourself in below!