Pauls market which has been around since 1955 will be closing 3 of their stores  and converting 4 of them into an Albertson's.

The 4 stores that are turning into Albertsons are

  1. 20 E. Wyoming, Homedale
  2. 700 E. Avalon, Kuna
  3.  10565 Lake Hazel, Boise
  4. 132 East Lake, McCall

It's always sad when local institutions go out of business. Especially with ones with community ties and a tie to a certain era. There is a nostalgic feeling when walking into those places. Its like going to order a milkshake at Big Bun or ordering a scone at Merritt's family restaurant.

In a news statement the owner of Pauls Market Stan and Steve Zatica, said that “the folks at Albertsons share our values and commitment to providing the best to our communities. ... We sincerely thank our communities for 60 years of shopping with us, and we look forward to watching how these stores evolve to serve their customers for the future.”

We will miss Pauls Market a lot, one of the few places that made Boise unique. The beauty of it all is that Albertsons is also a local company that started here in Boise so we know the legacy is in good hands.