Andria (8) and Zoey Green (7) made big plans to take their dad to a waterpark for Father's Day next weekend, but their attempt to raise money to buy the tickets was cut short by police.

The girls set up a lemonade stand to raise money to buy their dad's Father's Day gift.  You could by a lemonade for 50 cents or Kettle Corn for $1.  Go for the combo of both and the girls would still only charge you $1.  Business was booming at the beginning of the day.  With $25 in hand it looked like the girls were well on their way to raising the $100 they needed.

That was until a police officer approached the girls and asked for their mom.  The officer told Ms. Downs that he was shutting down the stand immediately because the girls didn't have a $150 Peddler's Permit required to run the lemonade stand.  No one in the family knew that the permit, typically need for garage sales, extended to lemonade stands.

The family ended up going to city hall to get a permit and they waived the fee, but still told the girls that they'd need to contact the health department for a state required inspection to see if their product was being temperature-regulated to prevent bacterial growth.

Normally I'm one that's for sticking to the rules, but really?! These are just two adorable little girls!