There's no bigger nightmare than logging into your bank account or credit card statement and seeing a $500 charge for a hotel in NYC when you clearly never left the Treasure Valley! Hackers prey on innocent victims while they're doing their holiday shopping.  Here's some tips to keep your identity safe online!


  • 1

    Double Check The Online Store

    If you have suspicions that the store you're shopping isn't legit, google it or use review websites to confirm if it's a reputable retailer.

  • 2

    Step Up Your Password Game

    Password1234 is the most common password out in the web. It's an easy one for hackers to use.  Make your passwords longer and include numbers or symbols to make them harder to guess.

  • 3

    Shop Secure Sites

    Safe and secure retailers will always start their web address with a https://.  Don't enter credit card info into one that doesn't.

  • 4

    Use One Credit Card

    Dedicating one credit card for Christmas shopping reduces the chances of hackers getting a hold of your info for multiple cards.  Credit Cards usually offer a greater level of fraud protection than debit cards.

  • 5

    Beware Of Phising Attacks

    Don't enter your info into a pop-up window or link from a suspicious emails.  Hackers often replicate the look of a legitimate website to trick you into believing you're purchasing from a legit retailer. Use tips 1 and 3 to protect yourself against these.