The days are starting to cool down.  Pumpkin Spice everything is back in season.  Scarves will soon become an essential part of any outfit.  You that what that means, right? It’s Fall in the Treasure Valley and Fall means one thing for 103.5 KISS FM…it’s pumpkin smashing season!

103.5 KISS FM’s 4th Annual Pumpkin Smash returns to The Farmstead on Saturday, October 31st!  Will you be there to smash open one of the golden pumpkins?  103 lucky listeners will get a KISSclusive invite that scores them and a guest a day’s admission at the Farmstead and a chance to smash open one of our pumpkins!

Last year, Pumpkin Smash was the biggest contest in station history and we blew out over $10,000 worth of prizes from cold hard cash, to concert tickets and more!  This year will be even BIGGER so don’t miss out on scoring your invite.

Be listening at 6 AM, 7 AM 8 AM and 9 AM with Kekeluv in the Morning and Michelle Heart, 11 AM with Tawsha Box and 3 PM and 5 PM with Kekeluv and 7 PM with Mijo to score one of the 103 KISSclusive invites to the Pumpkin Smash!

Congratulations to this year's invitees:

  1. Shelly Tincenti
  2. Michelle Reyes
  3. Carla Reyes
  4. Brandi Mitchell
  5. Jordan Crabtree
  6. Val Turh
  7. Dana Tilman
  8. Katie Dunlap
  9. Charity Turnbull
  10. Eren Havrijk
  11. Jacqueline Martin
  12. Lily Ramirez
  13. Sunshine Fagiano
  14. Jessica Yandle
  15. Michelle Peters