You may not know this about me, but before I decided to get into Broadcasting, I used to want to be a veterinarian (only I discovered I don't like being in school that long or watching animals come out of anesthesia) so I'm a sucker for pets.  That's why my heart broke when I saw this story on KTVB last night.  Have you seen Katy?  She's a dachshund-terrier mix that the Canyon County Animal Shelter believes was stolen from their facility between 3-5 PM on Friday afternoon.

She'd been in the puppy room for a few hours and when a potential fur-ever friend came in to see her she was gone.  There's no security cameras in the puppy room so the staff at the shelter believe that someone hid her under their coat and walked out of the building with her.

If you have any idea where Katy may be call the shelter at (208) 455-5920 or the Caldwell Police Department at (208) 455-3115.