Sometimes you just need someone to say what you're feeling. That's what this quote does. Just do it!

We are a society consumed by public opinion and commercialism. My wife is a very tiny lady, and it runs in her family. She is blessed with the gobble, gobble fat gene.

"Eat a cheeseburger girl!"

I use that example because it goes both ways and that hurts her as much as some saying,

"Put that cheeseburger down girl!"

Look, don't worry what other people think about you. It's hard enough to be comfortable in your own skins each day. Add the fear of what other people think about how WE act when we're trying to be ourselves. I always tell women in break up situations to stop looking for a man. It's more important to a guy that YOU are happy with yourself first before you can EVER make a relationship work. That starts with not caring what others think. Go eat those damn Christmas cookies and don't look back.

Wait, HAVE AS MANY AS YOU WANT! Post, brag and delete anyone who makes fun of you. That's when you find out who your REAL friends are.