This quote comes just in time for Christmas. I hope you grab and share this one with the person who might think it's all about gifts.

I like to think of this quote from the movie The Polar Express, "I believe." It's true that we talk about the big sales including specialty days like Gray Wednesday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. You might see Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas. My newest favorite Christmas movie is Polar Express. I saw it with our son for the first time last year, and I'm in love with it.

The Polar Express is a brilliant Tom Hanks film about believing in Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas. Sometimes it's important for us to go back to when WE were kids and remember that feeling. I truly believe that as we get older, we should consume ourselves with the spirit of Christmas. If everyone believed in the greater good and that nobody should be without Christmas, we would be living in a better place. If we looked out for our next door neighbors, co-workers, and classmates, maybe our eyes would open to the depression that dwells in the places we don't see.

Giving is the best gift, and it doesn't have to be something you bought at a store. Push pride to the side and you might realize that those little things like love are all some people need.