Today's quote is a tragedy if you miss it because this one little quote could change the rest of your life. These words might have just changed the way I think about every day now.

I wanted to share this quote with you because I just really believe that it's important. I don't even know how you can't think about life in a different way if you had to look at this quote every day.

Think about what you have going on today. Just ponder what's going through your mind right now. Are you someone who lets their mind get in the way of common sense? Let's first acknowledge that you wouldn't be the ONLY one that gets caught in the mystery of meaning. It's even worse today because people try to decode some cryptic message like, "I luv u 2." WHAT'S THAT MEAN!!! Couldn't you spell out the words? Do you love me? Did I do something? Why aren't you texting me back? Hello? HELLOOOOOO?????

Sound familiar? Relax. This quote is so meaningful when you don't just read it, you listen to its meaning.

What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. - unknown

Don't text. Call. Don't sit around doing nothing, get out and learn something. What are you doing right now? Facebook? Instagram? Checking out if your ex-liked your latest photo? Take each day and make it memorable. Tired? Go to bed early and get up earlier to enjoy life. Watch a sunrise. Make coffee. Read an early morning blog or book, Cook Breakfast. Build something. This is the only life we get, and we shouldn't get caught up in the BS that so many people get lost in. I wish you could trust me on this one and do the following.

Take a corkboard, chalkboard, or plain frame without a photo in it. Get your ex-boyfriend's picture OUT ALREADY!!!! Then grab a paint pen or permanent marker and write that quote on it. Post it in your cubicle, room, or in the office. See it, read it, and try to BELIEVE it. Now, go do it!