There's a reason we "gift" eggs, an official flower and even people who feel it's inhumane to color eggs. All of these facts center themselves around Easter so let's get to the bottom of it.

Easter is a religious holiday, that much we know. It's a day Jesus arose from the dead after the Crucifixion. We know that part of the day's celebration.

EASTER and EGGS: The word Easter is said to be derived from the word Eostre, a pagan goddess of spring and fertility. Real Simple tells ye olde folklore where Eostre found a bird dying from the cold and turned it into a rabbit so the fur would keep it warm. Plot twist: The rabbit still laid eggs like a bird.

PEEPS: Americans buy more than 700 million peeps each year. I'm willing to put that much money on the fact that Americans do not eat that amount of peeps. At all. Ever.

JUST LIKE HALLOWEEN: Easter is a candy-eating holiday. I see the irony in the comparison between the two candy holidays. Info Please says we spend over $2 billion on candy.

OFFICIAL FLOWER: The white lily is the official flower of Easter.

HOT CROSS BUNS: These were it. They were the treat people gave for Easter. Want to know how to make them? Here's a recipe. Let's take this Easter old school.