Headed to the Oregon coast before it gets too cold? Might want to be careful as shark attack just reported off the coast. Peep the deats!

COEX Aquarium via Getty Images

It seems like everyone I know spends a weekend on the Oregon coast from time to time. My wife’s entire family just got back from the coast in September, and most of my friends are about to vacation there. You MIGHT want to think twice about going into the water. It’s not just shark sightings, but actual attacks that are frightening locals.

Monday, Joseph Tanner from Portland, was bitten by a shark and pulled to safety by fellow surfers. Tanner survived with minor injuries but was in shock when medics arrived according to authorities. Then again, WHO WOULDN'T BE! Man, I don't do sharks! Thank you, Jaws.

It's crazy I just watch a special during shark week about the last attack back in 2011. Sharks aren't supposed to be in Oregon, but they tag some of them with GPS devices. This could be the same one they think finds it's way back to Oregon to feed on Whales. All of that said be careful as so many people in the Treasure Valley vacation off the Oregon Coast.

For more information check out the full story here.