If you're like my mom and have a daughter that tries to avoid the period talk like the plague, the Lammily doll is here to help!

When I was younger I hated having the period talk with my mom.  I thought I knew it all just from growing up around her, but she still dragged me to "Maturation Night" in fourth grade.  That's where fourth grade girls and their moms got together and watched a "trying to hard to relate" video about getting your period and the female reproductive system.  It was too much for me as a fourth grader and I swear I'm still scarred.

Moms, you can now spare your daughter that sort of public humiliation and teach her about her period with the Lammily Doll.  Lammily has been deemed the "Real Barbie" because the doll is more proportionate to a real woman's body than the Mattel creation and now you can buy the doll's "Period Party" expansion for $10.  It includes an educational pamphlet, panties that fit the doll, a period tracking calendar (I don't think I started doing that until I was a sexually active adult) and 18 sticker sanitary pad and panty liner stickers.

I think it's a cute idea and way less damaging than learning about your period this way. (Seriously, if you need a good laugh you HAVE to watch these parents do the period rap!)