Girl code. You know the drill. The rules rarely change. With the addition of new things in life (Tinder, Snapchat, etc), before we hit downtown Boise, we should do a little refresher. Ready? 

Elite Daily posted a list of girl code refreshers and if we're going to be there for each other through it all, we should make sure we are all on the same page. These friendships should last forever!

Elite Daily nailed it with their list. I'll share what they have noted and add our little twist for our Treasure Valley girls.

  1. Respect the girl code. The girl code of years past still applies. Steer clear of your friend's ex, be there for her when she needs you and like what she posts online. Don't leave her hanging out there in the social media world
  2. Put your phone away. You're hanging with your girlfriends for a reason. Put the phones down. Nobody else is better company than your girls. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter - nobody is better. Enjoy the moment.
  3. Respect your body. Just because, doesn't mean you need to. This goes for the people you sleep with, what parts of your body you show off and how you present yourself. I mean, if you're meeting the girls at Silly Birch and you're showing off all your goods but are mad about the unwanted attention or attention from the wrong people, cover it up. If you're meeting the girls and make choices that night that have you waking up at another person's house, you shouldn't fear judgement from the girls. We will have given you our honest opinion, asked for the person's address, driven by his house, plugged his info into our phone and already know everything about him and his friends. Sorry guys, we're not letting our girls go home with just anyone.
  4. Don't ghost a love interest. If you've ever been ghosted, you know how it feels. When you live here, you'll likely see that person out the next weekend. Be cool. Be chill. Don't just drop someone from life. Let's be better than the ones who have ghosted us in the past.
  5. Honor your mother and father. Relationship status aside, they're your parents. Together, separate, whatever. It's okay to be dumb sometimes. It's also great to be amazing. Keep in touch with them. Call them. Remind them you're doing okay and highlight the really great things you're doing in life. My mom lives in Spokane and my dad is in New York. I cater my stories based on who I'm calling. I know them well enough.
  6. Have an opinion. This goes with everyone. Those thoughts in your head matter. In fact, they matter a lot! Say them. You don't have to be harsh but you should be honest. Be you. You're amazing - just ask us girls!
  7. Think twice before sending nudes. First rule: No face. I'm just sayin'. As your best girlfriends, we aren't going to judge you. We've all been there...or are headed there. If you're sending nudes, think of the person you're sending them to. Do you trust this person? Do you even know this person? Is your face in the photo? Think of a week, a month or even a year from that time - where is the nude photo now?
  8. Learn to hold your liquor. I know that I can NOT order a vodka tonic. That combination makes for an awful night. I know that I'll be the one everyone is taking care of. In short: I never order vodka tonics.
  9. Don't drink and swipe. You know the rules we've been living by as far as texting goes? Once you get a few drinks in you, texting your ex is such a bad idea. That's also what our girls are for: they make sure we don't. This goes for Tinder. Your judgement is off so don't start swiping. Bad idea! You're welcome.
  10. Do whatever you want. Honestly. Just be. Do you and be you. We won't judge because we know you won't judge us.