Take a look at these amazing photographs taken at the 2016 Olympics in Rio during its first week. These moments are captured by the best photographers in the world. Only perfection.

I love taking photos of pretty much anything I can. It would be one of my dreams to have a lens that could capture the beaded sweat on an athlete's face. To capture a moment at the right time is a skill. Pay close attention to this week's photo recap of various Americans making us proud.

We celebrate the first African American taking home gold, the first woman to win gold three consecutive Summer Games (Idahoan hero), an unstoppable world breaking female in the water, a historic female gymnastics team that was completely unstoppable and a man that defied the odds with a historic amount of gold medals. This year's Olympics may have started out with a lot of negativity due to violence and the scary virus. I can say it's get a great boost rolling in to the second week.