Powerball is HUGE! The number keeps growing too! It started at $400 million and then, midday, we were at $500 million. I just keep watching the number increase. What if you didn't have to show up for work tomorrow? Go in with your coworkers so all of you can sleep in tomorrow. Here are some rules.

Joining a lottery pool at work is no joke because the cash payout is over $300 million.

There are people in this office totally freaking out because they weren't part of the pool. They think nobody will show up tomorrow if they all win, leaving the rest of us here alone. It won't happen. There needs to be at least one day to brag and clean out desks.

According to WikiHow, here are the steps to organizing this who pool.

  1. Propose general rules of play for participants.
  2. Find a way to add and/or delete people from the main list.
  3. Set a fixed amount for buy-in.
  4. Designate an admin for the office pool. Just one person.
  5. Designate one person to collect money.
  6. State who can purchase tickets for the group.
  7. Require contact information for each participant.
  8. Spell out how you will claim winnings.
  9. Get everything in writing.
  10. Provide copies of winning tickets
  11. Keep the names out of public record.

One last thing: Call your financial planner (or find one) and remember that you and I are really good friends.