The grandfather in a Tweet going viral is hosting his own cookout and wants you to come have a burger with him since his own grandkids stood him up.

Within hours of Kelsey Harmon's heartbreaking post, it had been retweeted over 70,000 times and Kelsey's Papaw became America's Grandpa.  After getting through the heart break of his one sad burger night, Papaw is using his new found internet celeb status for good.  He's inviting everyone (yes, even you!) to a cookout at the family flea market on Saturday!

Papaw's grandson Brock (who did post on Twitter that he went to have a burger with his grandfather the day after the sad burger night) posted the invitation for people to join the Harmon family at 15835 State Hwy 39, Purcell, Oklahoma, 73080. Burgers will be $2 a piece.  He'll also be selling "I had a burger with Papaw" t-shirts for $25. The money will be used for the grandkids' college funds and donated to charity.

BTW, I so wanted to take Easter Weekend off to go to Papaw's cookout but the cheapest flight into Oklahoma City from Boise is $718.  (For that much, I could fly home to Ohio to have a burger with my own 91 year-old grandfather.)  Purcell is about a 22 hour drive from Boise.

Moral of the story? Don't take your grandparents for granted.  Visit with them as often as you can before you can't anymore.