The people have spoken and Hillary Clinton has been projected the first female candidate to be nominated for the President of the United States. What does that mean? Well, I've waited till about 11:45 P.M. to find out what Bernie Sanders would say. So, is he in or out? What does Idaho think?
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It's not over till the fa- lady ---- wait! Let's keep this POLITICALLY correct. Ha! You see how I did that. The delegates and votes have been counted, but Bernie Sanders will NOT get out of the presidential run. Tuesday was a big win for Hillary Clinton in several states including a BIG win in California. Every network has declared Clinton a winner and even she has stopped talking about Sanders.

CNN has a pretty good section and app that will keep you updated in simple.


Let's not get TOO political or take sides. Mathematically speaking, Hillary Clinton will be the nominee and the only question is, will Bernie join the Clintons on the ticket? Will they join the fight as "The Fight Song" by Rachel Platton plays in the overhead speakers. I think we can all agree that whatever happens, put your seatbelt on for this rollercoaster ride of an election. Check out what Idahoans thought of Bernie, Hillary and Trump during the recent caucus held in downtown Boise.