They say life imitates art, but has this latest sculpture gone too far?

A selfie statue was just erected in my hometown of Sugarland, Texas, located just a few minutes outside of Houston. The statue which features two young ladies taking a picture of themselves is one of 10 pieces that were built to showcase what happens in the Town Square Plaza.

Because selfies happen everywhere, it made me wonder. How would Boise locals respond to a selfie statue in our downtown? What if it was in front of our capitol?  I'm curious if Boise locals are anything like Sugarland residents, because the people in Texas are super upset!

Would it really bother you though? I mean seriously, who is really complaining here? It’s like all the people that complain hip-hop just isn’t like it use to be. That new Dr. Dre isn’t the CHRONIC! Mmmm, I think we might need to sound the GETTING OLDER alarm.  Think about what your parents and grand parents use to say to you. It seems like each generation complains about the newer generation and that’s not new. Is this statue wrong or reality? In the end, it’s just a statue. You’ll see by the Twit pics I’ve posted that the Selfie Statue is, a selfie statue. You might as well embrace the culture or just come to the realization that – you’re getting old.