So does #aprillives or #aprildies?!

For those of you that haven't had the privilege of seeing Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No last summer, let me apologize for the spoiler.  Fin and a pregnant April Shepard survive the massive "sharkicane" that threatened the East Coast by traveling into space and shooting a laser weapon into the eye of the storm. They each get swallowed by separate sharks that crash back down to earth.  Fin escapes from his shark to find out April and the couple's newborn baby (yes, she gave birth in a shark) have both survived as well.  Unfortunately, April is hit with a fragment of their shuttle and her fate is unknown.  Fans got to decide by tweeting #aprillives or #aprildies.

We'll find out what that decision was when Sharknado 4 premieres! SyFy just announced that Ian Ziering (Fin,) Tara Reid (April,) and David Hasselhoff (Fin's dad) will return for the sequel, set five years after the "sharkicane."  They'll also add Gary Busey as Aprils Father and Celeb Apprentice alum, Cheryl Tiegs as Fin's mom.

The new movie is slated to premiere sometime in July.

Sharknado Treasure Valley Connection

My question is will a certain old friend of ours reprise his role in the Sharknado series?  That's right, 103.5 KISS FM alum, Nathan Fast appeared as the "voice on the radio" in Sharknado 2.  Don't believe me? Rewatch the second movie as you gear up for Sharknado 4 and listen for him!

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise