Sources have said that Huggie's (Nights on 103.5 Kiss Fm) band has hit a current rough patch. Recent text conversations between Huggie and Drummer, Mike Tetro seem to indicate that production of #ShirtShopping debut EP "Buttons" is currently on hold!

Recent text conversation between Huggie and Tetro..

Could the constant noise complaints from Huggie's neighbors be causing a ripple in #ShirtShopping ??

Sources also have told us that Tetro has to return the set of drums that he has been using to its rightful owner, or cough up $3,500! On top of that Huggie is currently having computer issues, and it becoming stressed out to the point where he devotes all of his time to watching the cooking network and T-25!

Recent text conversation between Huggie and Tetro..

It seems that Drummer "Mike Tetro" is not feeling the love, and the 300 "Likes" on their facebook page they had gotten, that had no music at all! Was no enough for him, and is poking at the idea of leaving the band.

Recently we had caught up with Huggie (Frontman, and Guitar player) to get his thoughts, and to see if the rumors of #ShirtShopping hitting a rough patch is true!

Huggie's comments on the rumors about #ShirtShopping



Please comment below, and share your feelings on the bands recent rough water! Hopefully they will figure things out, and will continue to make killer music! Until then... we anxiously wait on their debut EP "Buttons" ....If it ever comes out :(.....