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Ada County Addresses Idaho's Opioid Problem
The opioid crisis isn't just a topic in today's national talking points. This is an epidemic that is followed by some alarming local statistics. Ada County is hosting an Opioid Crisis Forum with the community. Educate yourself.
Grab a Beer and Let's Go Couch Racing!
Check out what this bar is doing to burn calories while you drink. Well, that's how I spin it. Did we mention blindfolded inside the bar? Say hello to couch racing.
Dear Kekeluv, Why Am I Fat?
I got an email from a woman who is wondering why she can't shed the pounds. Jaimie wants to know why she's fat. Who decided what fat is? Here's my response to what so many people go through and tips to fix.
Why Does Life Hate Me?
Why does life hate you? I feel like there are people going through something where other people dictate THEIR feelings. You fall into this trap and you might ask that question. I found the answer for you.
Increase Water and Lose Weight With This
I found a personal trainer that will ensure I know when I'm slipping on H2O. This is important because it also helps you lose weight just by drinking more. Peep my H20 Pal.
5 Things to Do on This Rainy Day in Boise
I've listed 5 things to do during this rainy day in the Treasure Valley. The lack of snow, sun, and hope (haha that's what my intern said) this is a could reason to kick back and do these fun things for cheap.
Boise Makes This Top 10 List and It's a Great One
If you're looking to move to Boise this is one of those lists you need to read. I've lived in the big cities to the tiny ones and this is a make or break for me. Love being in this top 10.
Abuse Takes Center Stage at Golden Globes Sunday Night
The Golden Globes rocked a blackout dress code for in support of the Time's Up Initiative targeting awareness for sexual harassment. Some of the speeches were very reminiscent of the ones you hear during our child abuse prevention campaign in April. Check out Oprahs speech - whoa!
The $500 Contest With Trip to Miami for Spring Break!
You didn't win Powerball or Mega Millions and we feel terrible about it. That's why we're giving you the 2 Big Freeze Flyaways and adding $500 shopping money. Peep the details for this warm and sunny destination.