Sofia Vergara's ex-fiance is a strange dude.  Nick Loeb is fighting for legal rights to the frozen embryos they created while they were together.  Should he get them?

While Sofia's planning a wedding to Magic Mike hottie Joe Manganiello, Loeb is penning open letters about why he should get the rights to have the eggs they had fertilized while they were a couple.  In the New York Times piece Loeb argues that he should have rights to the embryos because women are entitled to bring a pregnancy to term even if the father doesn't want her to.  He feels that men that want to take on all the responsibilities as a parent should be allowed to bring his embryos to term even if the mother doesn't want to.  He doesn't want to see the two lives they "created" be destroyed or stay frozen forever.

We're at a loss as to why he'd still want to have Sofia's children while he's perfectly healthy and able to create a child with any other woman, but to each their own.  From what we understand, Loeb DID sign legally binding papers that said it would take the consent of both he and Sofia to allow the embryos to be thawed and used.  He wants to go to court to have those papers examined better and/or overturned.  Buzz around Hollywood is that Loeb's using the embryos as a way to continue controlling Sofia as she plans her wedding to Manganiello.

The whole thing is very strange to us...but the question is: