With highs soaring back into the 100s again next week and still no sign of the river opening, Treasure Valley residents are looking to cool off any way they can...but are they risking a ticket on those popular stand up paddleboards?

Ever since I got to demo one at The Harbour last year, I've been thinking about getting a SUP myself, but it turns out they fall under really different rules than the rafts you float the river with.

According to KTVB, the state of Idaho considers paddleboards a boat if they're used outside of designated swimming or surfing areas.  By definition that means there needs to be a life jacket and whistle/other noise maker on each paddleboard.  Anyone under the age of 14 must wear that life jacket on a paddleboard measuring 19 feet or less.  Failure to carry the proper safety equipment could cost you $99 if ticketed.

Since paddleboards are considered a boat, the must also have an Idaho Invasive Species sticker that starts at $20. Being caught without once may result in a $72 fine.  Want to buy one? Find out where to buy one here!

Oh and of course, you can be arrested for a DUI on a paddleboard.