You know those movies that feature a town that looks like a dream. They all know each other's name and they visit the same cafe because it's a family favorite? That's the epitome of Steve's Cafe in Meridian. 


I frequent Steve's Cafe more than I should admit. I mean, stuffed huckleberry french toast, homemade sausage and a taco burrito to die for is the answer to life's happiness.


Recognized as one of the "Best Diners in America" by Business Insider, this cute little Meridian Cafe packs a punch especially when it comes to breakfast. Although, lunch is just as filling. If only my family could cook like this. A girl can dream.


Steve brought by breakfast for our "Walking in a Winter Onesie Land" party and the rest of the building. Talk about someone who has the Christmas spirit.

We wanted to capture the amazing home-cooked spread while Steve started setting things out. There was biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash, taco burritos, fresh fruit, stuffed french toast, pancakes, waffles with huckleberry syrup. Oh, there was sausage and bacon and eggs and ham. I'm talking the kind of ham grandma makes at Christmas.


If you ever have a chance, stop by Steve's Cafe on Fairview (1/2 mile west of Eagle). 2483 E. Fairview, to be exact.