If I had known that this sketch had an Idaho tie to it when I was watching on Saturday night, I may not have turned off SNL.

My boyfriend is on a four day road trip back to visit family in Ohio, so I had our apartment to myself for the first time since July. So on Saturday night I attempted to make my first fire on my own in our fireplace.  Long story short, it took forever to get going and was still roaring when SNL came on so I kicked back on the couch to wait for Shawn Mendes to perform "Mercy" (one of my favorite songs we're playing right now.)  Overall, I didn't think the episode was funny at all and actually shut it off before Shawn performed because this one particular sketch annoyed the hell out of me.

The sketch was called "Posters" and was about a boy who was struggling with math getting some motivational advice from the people on the posters around his room that suddenly came to life. (Emma Stone's character was less than helpful and down right drove me nuts.) What I didn't realize about the sketch that I disliked so much was there was an Idaho connection to it! Watch it below and see if you can tell me what it is.

Yup, that's the Baldy behind Mike Day's snowboarder character! Sun Valley's tweet about the sketch made me feel sorta bad for hating the sketch so much!