With new technologies popping up everyday and athletes continuously pushing the limits everyday, it's hard to be amazed at new feats or tricks that are done.

Robbie Maddison is a professional Motocross biker. He has broken world records on his bike and has continuously pushed his limits on the motorcycle. His latest stunt is quite insane though. People have driven across lakes and small ponds without the help of any extra add-ons on a motorcycle and they have achieved it by going really fast and in a linear trajectory. Robbie Maddison though said screw it and let's ride the ocean.

In his latest video, with the help of of small add-ons on his bike, he managed to ride "surf" the ocean on his motorcycle and even catch some waves. When I first watched, my jaw dropped. I'm still in awe every time I watch it.

Check it out right here.