So you've been "talking to this guy" for a few weeks now, but you haven't had that DTR (define the relationship) moment yet.  That could make Sunday a little awkward.  Here's some tips for surviving Valentine's Day in the Treasure Valley if you're in relationship limbo!

According to Elite Daily these are 5 things you should prepare for if he's not officially your boyfriend just yet.

Don't Expect Too Much

If the extent of your relationship over the last few weeks has nothing but hooking up and watching Netflix at your place, chances are Valentine's Day won't be the first romantic date he takes you on.  Don't expect flowers and dinner at Barbacoa from a guy that might not be in this for the long haul.  If you don't have any expectations for Valentine's Day you won't be disappointed.  If he does put something romantic together, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Make Your Own Plans

Sitting around waiting for a phone call or a text from him to ask you on a Valentine's Day date is the worst.  Your mind starts running about where this is going or why you're alone on the day of love.  Make plans with your other single gal pals, sister, co-workers...whatever.  Just because you don't have a date doesn't mean you should be alone.  Grab a bottle of Ste. Chappelle Huckleberry Wine to split with the girls or make some you time for a massage, mani and pedi!

Keep Things Low Key

If you do make plans with this guy, don't do anything grand and over the top.  If you're not planning on getting into a serious relationship with this guy, it's not the right day to spend money on expensive gifts or a date.  If you do and he doesn't feel the same way, things get super awkward later.  Ladies, that goes both ways.  I once had a guy I wasn't serious with buy me a gold bracelet while he was in Italy and I wasn't real serious about getting into a relationship with him. By the time he got back and gave it to me I was seeing someone else. Super awkward turtle.

Don't Pretend The Valentine's Day Isn't Happening

It can be very easy to avoid the holiday all together if you aren't in a serious relationship, but avoiding it can make it more awkward if you happen to run into him in public that day.  Shoot him a "Happy Valentine's Day" text and leave it at that.  It's not real formal or desperate sending.

Speak Up If You Want To

Maybe you're not ok with JUST hooking up with the guy and you want to see where this thing is going. Think about how long this has been going on and where you want to see it go.  Valentine's Day could be a good day for that DTR moment.  If he's into you, take the next step.  If he doesn't you know it's time to cut your losses and move on.