Take all my money! I NEED to open a Boise franchise of this restaurant that's serving up the newest food trend!

It's the world's easiest math equation: Sushi + Burrito = Love.  Peter Yen came up with the concept of combining two of his favorite foods after feeling cash strapped by going to time consuming sit down sushi restaurants and seeing the less than stellar choices at pre-made grocery store sushi bars.  He teamed up with the chef at a Hawaiian fusion restaurant and came up with the concept of super sizing Sushi into burrito sized rolls.  I think I had a dream about something that looked like these this weekend!

The hand held rolls come in flavors like Satori, Geisha's Kiss, Salmon Samba and more! Unfortunately, the only four Sushirrto locations are in California...so where do you get the best Sushi in the Treasure Valley?  I'm torn between Shige and Happy Fish!