Is there such thing as a body type when you're 8-years old? A Tween Magazine is giving advice to young girls on the swimsuit they should get for the summer - based on their figure. 

Discovery Girls magazine (aimed at 8 year olds - 12 year olds) published a spread giving advice to young girls about how to shop for their body type.

In the two-page spread, it reads:

The spread claims girls who are “curvy up top” should go for a one-piece with “side ties and cutouts that draw the eyes down,” while those who are “rounder in the middle” should opt for “busy geometrics”...


I could go into a billion reasons why I feel this is so insanely wrong and the fact that it's not even necessary from a sales standpoint. I'm trying to see their side of things but I can't find anything. Do you see anything I'm missing?