Boise Music Festiival

BMF Kekeluv Photo Gallery: Nelly (Part One)
Nelly wasn’t the headliner, but I guarantee he’ll be back! Everyone is talking about Nelly’s performance. Check out Nelly from my personal lens and maybe some things you didn’t see.
Mijo Gets His Passport To Boise
Yesterday I had my first opportunity to give my first tour of the station as a radio DJ. I gave a tour to about 7 kids who were doing their Passport To Boise.
Mijo Kicks It At Carls Jr.
Mijo was at the Carl's Jr today blowing out Boise Music Festival tickets. There a huge crowd trying to get their tickets and they also got their lunch as well. Carl's Jr is sporting a new burger called the All-American Burger which has chips and a hotdog on it...