Boise State Football

Afternoon Kickoff for Boise State Football
One of the biggest complaints of the kickoff times for Boise State football games is... THE TIME! It's been after 8 p.m. consistently. Pack your coolers early because the season opener kickoff time will change things drastically!
Boise State Releases 2017 Football Schedule
This Saturday is the Boise State spring game. It's a good chance to get the players out on the blue but it's better for us fans who miss football desperately. The entire 2017 schedule is out and there are two games (TWO) with a start time before 8 p.m.
Boise State Football Schedule is Out
I don't want to rush us back into fall but the Boise State football schedule is out! Put the games in your phone to get an alert after we've spent the weekends at Lucky Peak and our tans are fading.

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