How to CORRECTLY Jump Start a Car
This week we showed you the wrong way to fix a dead battery.
Here's how to do it without risking instant death.
Being that I'm not a real man, I had to recruit the help of Mark, our production guy and resident man's man.
He walked Tawsha and I through the proper steps to jump start a dea…
Cruise & Box Mazda 3 Giveaway Photos
The photo galleries keep coming from our Cruise & Box Mazda 3 Giveaway. You might see yourself in some of these photos or witness the excitement of a deserving listener, Yesenia Avalos.
Win Mazda 3 Like Susan Needs
Win the Cruise & Box Free Mazda 3 Giveaway just like last year's winner, Susan Needs. You can see from all the photos that she was shocked! Nobody thinks they can win until they DO! Could you be next? Check out the photos and details here!
The Car That Changed A Life
Hundreds gathered at TEAM Mazda with one goal in mind: Make that Mazda 3 mine. Each person stood with anticipation, all planning how their life could be different - better - if they were the one driving home in a brand new car.

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