Century Link

Century Link Recruitment
103.5 KISS FM's Huggie was broadcasting live from the downtown streets at the Century Link Recruitment Fair at 999 Main St. today. Century Link is now hiring for their call center and can offer attractive pay, with great sales incentives. Century Link is a leading porvider here in the Treasure …
Boise Music Festival Ticket Stop-Century Link
103.5 KISS FM's Huggie was at Century Link for a Boise Music Festival Ticket Stop.  Huggie was gave away tickets to listeners who showed up and hung out and check out all the great job opportunities Century Link's Call Center offers.
Century Link Job Fair
103.5 KISS FM's Huggie was at Century Link trying to help anyone who needs an amazing new job that offers great benefits and great starting pay.  Century Link is offering jobs in their call centers and paid training.  Huggie was also giving away CD's and stickers...
Century Link Job Fair
103.5 KISS FM's Michelle Heart was at the Century Link Building for their amazing job fair.  They were looking for new employees to be in their call center and offer great starting wage and amazing benefits.
CenturyLink Job Fair
103.5 KISS FM's Huggie was at CenturyLink home building downtown helping out with their job fair.  CenturyLink were offering jobs in their Call Center and they pay for your training plus you start at $10.50 an hour.  They also offer fantastic benefits...