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Aaron Paul is Going to Be a Dad
The alert comes in via Bustle and I instantly check Aaron Paul's Instagram then I go running back to Aaron's mom's desk to confirm the story. Our little actor from Idaho is all grown up and is going to be a dad!
Boise Realtors Turned Convention to Hurricane Relief Effort
Though we are over 1,000 miles away, the impact of hurricanes in Texas and Florida are being felt here in the Treasure Valley. Chase Craig's team of realtors traveled from Idaho to Texas to create survival buckets and clean up homes that had been submerged in water for several days.
Will Toys R Us Be Closed for the Christmas Season?
Toys R Us is in debt by $5 billion. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection just two months before holiday shopping season. I just want to know if That Great Big Book of Awesome Toys will be a thing of the past or if there's still a chance.

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