Friends with Benefits

Stephanie is Pre-Boarded on Flight 1035 to See Bruno Mars
The last time Stephanie went to Las Vegas, it was for a UFC fight with her husband but only stayed less than 24 hours. That simply won't do. Being a Friend with Benefits is paying off for Stephanie becuase she could be ringing in the new year with Bruno Mars!
Brittany Won a Bonus Pumpkin Smash Invite
We're getting down to the final invitations for Pumpkin Smash 2016. There are just a few spaces left at what will be the biggest "smash" of all time. I mean, there's a trip to Hawaii in one of the pumpkins. A TRIP TO HAWAII! Add Brittany to the list and hopefully add your…
The Cruise & Box Bestie Book Has Arrived
Have you ever wanted to be someone who was just given tickets without having to call? What if you were sitting at work and looking up to find one of us (or both) handing you a prize you couldn't get through to win? What about information first before anyone else? This is all part of the Cr…
Poke Money River Bieber Winner Chrisandra
Being a Friends with Benefits gives you all the benefits. I asked Chrisandra if she was playing Pokemon Go and she said, "Yes, it's killing me because I'm addicted. My data sucks...just raised it last week. hahahahahaha." Being a FWB will help with that.

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