We Google This The Most In Idaho
People in Florida Google "How to get out of Florida" and most searched in Texas is "How to sell your soul". California wants to know "How to spot a narcissist" but Idahoans want to know about something that truly matters.
New Emojis Are Here
You will soon be able to speak in "face palm" add the avocado and shrug through text. I plan to keep checking for updates on my phone so I can have these ASAP!
Idaho Googles This Job the Most
On average, we, the people of Idaho, search for one particular thing. We need this service and, apparently, can't seem to remember where to go so we Google it. Drum roll, please...
Most Googled Topics Per State. Did You Google This?
Wyoming googled 'Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani' the most. West Virginia is, apparently, very interested in Magic Mike XXL, and Illinois had a special interest in the Super Blood Moon. I'm wondering if you Googled the top subject this study has listed for Idaho.

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