Group Therapy Thursday

Group Therapy Thursday: The Surprise Pregnancy
A friend is stuck in a position where her best friend wants to surprise her brand new husband with a pregnancy. They've talked about it but solidified nothing. Should the friend confess on behalf of her maybe preggers bestie?
Group Therapy Thursday: How Do I Divorce My Friend?
Friend divorce is an actual thing. Kathryn had a best friend for years. She's now the godmother of her bestie's daughter. The problem: The bestie just won't grow up and she's toxic to be around. How does she end it with her friend? Should she?
Did Sleeping Photo Boyfriend Cross The Line?
Group Therapy Thursday: I took a photo of my girlfriend wearing only panties while she was cheating. We had already been sending pictures of each other while we were nude and I told her about the sleeping photo when she woke up. Did I cross the line?
Do You Need Group Therapy Thursday?
We all have issues we are trying to deal with but rarely feel like we have the correct answers for ourselves.  When it comes to other people's problems, we are experts. What problems do you need resolutions for? Group Therapy Thursday is your answer.