Awesome Halloween Video
Halloween brings out the creativity in people and people have awesome costumes and people make awesome videos.
The 5 Halloween Candies With The Most Calories
Ever find yourself sitting there munching on the candy you're passing out to trick-or-treaters while you're waiting for the next little ghoul or goblin to you door?  Here's how much those little fun sized candy bars will cost your waist line!
Ellen’s Funniest Scares
Ellen Degeneres is the queen of scaring people. The best part of watching each celebrity interview is the anticipation of how they will be scared. The icing on the cake is their reaction. I love it so much, I've gathered all the best scare videos for your entertainment.
DD Services for Halloween
If you are headed out to China Blue and Dirty Little Roddy's "American Horror Story" party with us Saturday night or any other parties this Halloween weekend here’s some friends that can get you home safely, without a DUI!
Paranormal Investigation in Nampa on Halloween
This Halloween, the Paranormal Investigators of Idaho are headed to a haunted house in Nampa. We're talking about a house that has been haunted. You can be part of the investigation. Listen very carefully...you're not alone.

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