Idaho’s Favorite Halloween Candy Isn’t Chocolate
I'm asking for a recount! You're telling me the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter isn't what we Idahoans want most at Halloween? Not even Sour Patch Kids that we can't seem to pass up at the store? Nope. This is what Idaho likes best.
Night of the Living Chef
The Cruise & Box campaign promise #2 is: Be where you are. That said, let's talk Night of the Living Chef. The event helps to fund student scholarships for the American Culinary Federation and gives you 52 dinner nights out.
From Boise to Transylvania
Airbnb is offering two lucky people to spend Halloween night at Dracula's castle in Transylvania. You'll live life through Bram Stoker's eyes. Mwahhh ahhh ahh!
Trending Costume Alert: Ken Bone
Did you watch Sunday night's debate? They say a mystery man stole the night and we just realized it could have been our night host, Mateo. You be the judge.

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